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Non-surgical Face Lifts

Environ is made from natural ingredients. The core Environ product lines are based on a “step-up” or graduated system of varying intensities of active ingredients and vitamins to ensure that your skin adapts gradually. Environ offers a comprehensive selection of formulations and products to meet the requirements of individualized skin types, skin problems and lifestyles. The Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy or AVST is a combination of Vitamin A, powerful antioxidants and flavonoids to help restore skin cells resulting in a more youthful complexion.

Environ Needling

Medical Roll-CIT® represents a revolutionary approach by which normal collagen production is stimulated to smoothen the skin and treat fine wrinkles without causing permanent epidermal damage. The Environ® Medical Roll-CIT is based on similar principles to those which underlie the Environ® Surgical Roll-CIT, on which its design is based. The difference is that, with the Environ® Medical Roll-CIT, the skin is only penetrated to a maximum depth of 1mm, causing virtually no bruising and significantly less swelling than its 3mm surgical equivalent. Because of this, the Environ® Medical Roll-CIT can be used by doctors and medical estheticians and requires only topical anaesthesia. One further advantage to medical needling is that it can be performed on lax skin and lax wrinkles on the face and upper lip lines. It is also useful for shallow acne scars.


Micro needling using the Environ® Medical Roll-CIT causes microscopic breaks in the blood vessels immediately below the surface layer of the skin (epidermis). This releases platelets that contribute to the forming of blood clots. In turn, these platelets release a series of growth factors which promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.


NOTE: It is essential to prepare the skin thoroughly prior to needling. On average, one skin cycle is sufficient to make the changes in the skin necessary to promote healing, improve the resistance of the skin and augment collagen production. The use of the Environ® Ionzyme® C- Quence gel and cream is especially recommended for a minimum period of three weeks prior to the treatment. Longer preparation periods are associated with faster healing and better results.

  • Remove make-up and creams (Environ® Sebuwash is highly recommended)
  • Cleanse the treatment area with Ethyl alcohol and then Ether
  • Apply topical anaesthetic and allow to develop under cling film (usually 30 minutes)
  • Proceed with the needling, treating each segment of the face, neck, etc. sequentially
  • Wash the skin and apply the applicable Environ® product to the treated area.


For best results, a series of six needling sessions should be done at intervals ranging between one week to one month, depending on the degree of improvement that is required.

The maintenance of a regular and medically-approved skin care regime over time, and particularly prior to and during the needling treatment cycle is essential. We recommend Environ® products as they have been specially formulated to supply doses of vitamin A (the only proven way to further boost collagen production and maintenance). This equates to the effects of retinoic acid without inducing irritation such as a retinoid reaction. Topical vitamin C, which is delivered in a high dose in several Environ® skin care products, is also an essential co-factor in collagen production and stimulates the production of collagen through activity on the DNA.


  • Fine lines and wrinkles are softened
  • Skin is thickened, tightened and elasticity restored
  • Acne scarring and minor scarring are reduced
  • Pigmentation marks are lightened
  • Stretch marks are improved
  • The disappearance of dilated blood vessels is encouraged


  • A natural response is induced
  • Healing period is minimal (redness for +- half a day)
  • Procedure is cost-effective
  • Process is suited to all skin types (including laser-resurfaced skin)
  • No permanent damage is caused
  • Safely repeated for maximum results
  • No sun-sensitivity is induced
  • All areas of the face, neck and body can be treated


ENVIRON skincare line is a unique step up program approved by the Swiss Vitamin Institute (SVI) with the focus on skin cancer prevention, anti-aging, scarring, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and more.
Full Product line available after first consultation


ENVIRON CORRECTIVE FACIALS Described as “more than just a facial”, Environ’s treatments are true skin care, bridging the gap between beauty and surgery. Our therapist is trained to provide these active vitamin facial treatments to help you restore your skin’s natural radiance. For best results, I highly recommend that all Environ Corrective Skin Treatments are done as a series and with a proper and consistent home care regime. This process will guide you down the path of achieving your skin’s optimal natural well being.

The initial visit is a complimentary consultation. Environ Maintenance Facial Recommended for all skin types and those beginning with Environ. This facial is also beneficial in helping to understand the process and progress of what is expected while on the program and how to use the cosmetic roller to the fullest.
Approx. 60 minutes $200.00

Environ Vitamin Facial For those already using Environ Home Care Nutrient Creams and want to boost the effects includes a peel.
Approx. 90 minutes $250

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