Protect and support during the healing process.

We carry a variety of polymers, plasters, and protective pads. These pads are active and effective in supporting the healing of blisters, corns, and damaged skin. Our plasters draw excess moisture from the wound and form a protective cushion for comfort.

Our products are hypoallergenic, breathable, water-resistant, and anti-bacterial.

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    Toe Protection Medium

    Gehwol Toe Protection offers even pressure distribution with a gel ring, and relief. Dermatologically tested.

    GEHWOL Toe Protection Ring G, Medium – 2 pieces.


    Toe Separator (Dividers)

    Gehwol Toe Separator offers an anatomical fit that ensures firm hold. It’s gentle on the skin and soft, composed of a highly elastic polymer gel cushion. Protects toes from rubbing and provides comfort for corns between the toes. Gehwol Toe Separator also correct overlapping toes and is suitable for managing deformities affecting the ball of the foot.

    GEHWOL Toe Dividers GD, 3 pieces.


    Metatarsal Cushion

    This soft latex foam pad with a nylon cover supports the forefoot and protects against pain, pressure, and callus formation to make walking easier and more comfortable. Washable.
    Dermatologically tested.

    GEHWOL Metatarsal Cushion, 15 pieces in folded box


    Hammer Toe Pad

    A comfortable soft polymer gel cushion, with a broad elastic strap to keep it firmly in place without cutting in. This product helps prevents skin irritation and corns on the ends of the toes.

    GEHWOL Hammer Toe Pad, Right – 1 pad OR GEHWOL Hammer Toe Pad, Left – 1 pad


    Bunion Cushion

    The Gehwol Bunion Cushion is a soft cup offering unique protection and comfort. Recommended for wear under stockings. Skin-friendly, highly elastic, and soft.

    GEHWOL Bunion Cushion – 1 piece