Next level hair care.

Formulated with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, the Infusiderm hair & scalp care collection is a variety of products that work together to maintain healthy, beautiful hair. Infusiderm also protects against hair loss and factors damaging hair quality.

The Pro-Hair & Scalp Cleanser helps maintain strong, thick, and healthy hair. It also helps restore moisture and shine. The Pro-Conditioner provides essential nutrients for replenishing dry, stressed, or thinning hair. The Pro-Genesis is a leave-in product that improves your hair and hair quality, while producing maximum results in hair rejuvenation.

The approach in the 3-step Infusiderm hair care process includes reducing toxins and preservatives used in other hair care brands that damage your hair quality, and increasing the use of natural hair improving ingredients.

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    Infusiderm Pro-Hair & Scalp Cleanser

    Infusiderm’s Pro Hair & Scalp Cleanser formula is a gentle yet effective hair cleansing solution. There are moderate to heavy concentrations of parabens or toxic preservatives in many common shampoo brands. However, Infusiderm products thoroughly cleanse hair while maintaining the hair’s healthy properties by using only safe and natural ingredients.

    Price: $30.00


    Infusiderm Pro-Conditioner

    The nutrients provided in the Infusiderm hair conditioning solution are essential building blocks for thicker and healthier hair. Replenish dry, stressed, and thinning hair by using Infusiderm Pro-Conditioner on a regular basis.

    Price: $30.00


    Infusiderm Pro-Genesis

    The new liquid-based Pro-Max Genesis therapy achieves maximum absorption of nutrients to the hair and scalp. Pro-Max Genesis contains the highest quality ingredients for combating hair loss and hair quality loss.

    Price: $88.00


    Infusiderm 3 pack

    Get all three Infusiderm products, including the Pro-Hair & Scalp Cleanser, Pro-Conditioner and Pro-Genesis therapies.

    Price: $135.00